Walking between sky, sea and salt

What we will do A walk to discover this enchanted and timeless place, where the history of this land is intertwined with the tradition of cultivation and harvesting of salt. 2600 years of history told through a tour of 3 different salt pans, in sections covered by minibus and stretches on foot, walking through the salt tanks, thus discovering their differences. The visit to the salt museum, inside an ancient mill, will show how it was in the past and today, this hard work of collection, handed down from generation to generation by successive families in the ownership of the salt pans. Today a part of salt is still harvested by hand, and this very precious part, called white gold back in a day, can be admired while it surfaces crystallizing on the surface of the water on tanks that make up the "salinaro's walk". Crystal salt and flavored salt flakes called salt flower will make this experience even more memorable.

Where we are

Where we will be The Saline Natural Reservoir of Trapani and Paceco is a coastal strip of almost one thousand hectares that has a particular ornithological interest once it is a resting area on the route of migration to Africa.

Here, in fact, you can often see flamingos and herons, among the many species of birds that have chosen this oasis to stop and reproduce.

Who can join 

Guests of all ages, maximum eight people, for a quiet walk through history, tradition and nature.

What you can see

What you can see Among the nesting and wintering species, 208 different species of birds have been registered, including the avocet (Recurvirostra avosetta), chosen as the symbol of the Reservoir. The flamingos (Phoenicopterus roseus), is a frequent encounter between the tanks.

Memories and emotions

his is the place where the direct contact with the wonders of nature allows us to forget the hectic pace of work and the stress of our days, filling the heart with a thousand emotions that will stay with us for a long time.