A tour on board of the typical lagoon boats will immerse us in the history of a land that has much to tell, ancient battles and different peoples have succeeded in this stretch of coast.

stagnone riserve lagoon tour

Comfortably seated we will travel the quiet lagoon waters of the Stagnone Natural Reservoir, circumnavigating the island of San Pantaleo (Mothia) today open-air museum and candidate for the UNESCO World Heritage Site and along the island Lunga, Schola and Santa Maria.
The Ettore Infersa salt pans are the boundaries of this scenario, still in time, with their salt mountains and the mill that stands out among the navigable canals.

ettore infersa salt pans

Salt and history have always been linked to the life of this coastal area and are proof of the many typical products linked to salt. In addition to the crystal salt, in a singular tasting, you can taste the salt flavored chocolate , wine jellies, pistachio and almond creams, cheeses and local wines.
Oltre al cristallo di sale, in una singolare degustazione si potranno assaggiare il cioccolato aromatizzato al fior di sale, gelatine di vino, creme di pistacchio e mandorla, formaggi e vini locali.

Where we will be

The Oriented Nature Reserve includes the Stagnone lagoon (from which it takes its name), the largest in Sicily, characterized by shallow waters. Following the movements of the lagoon's sand due to the submarine currents the Isola Grande was formed, around two original islets.

What we will see 

The warm waters of the lagoon and the shallow depth of its sea bottom make the Stagnone an ideal habitat for spawning and fish repopulation, therefore numerous are the presence of different species of fish (bream, bass, mullet, eel, cuttlefish, bream, octopus and crustaceans ......).

Who can join 

Guests of all ages, maximum eight people, for a sweet boat ride with a thousand flavors of this land.

Memories and emotions

 A tour of the senses, sight, smell and taste that follow one after the other all along our journey