Marsala, Winery tasting tour and Mothia lagoon on a boat


What we will do On board one of the typical lagoon boats with a flat keel circumnavigates the island of Mothia, now an open-air museum, discovering history of the deeds of the ancient peoples who have succeeded one another over the centuries, along the other islands that make up the archipelago of the Stagnone, Isola Lunga or Grande, Schola, and Santa Maria.

The tasting in the winery, chosen among the most renowned (Donnafugata, Florio, Caruso and Mininni, ...), between the charm of the barrels in which the wine ages, will reveal the authentic flavors of a land kissed by the sun whose production of wines are famous all over the world  svelerà i sapori autentici di una terra baciata dal sole la cui produzione di vini è famosa in tutto il mondo. 

Last but not least, the visit to the historic center of Marsala, a city with a long history and from which passed Garibaldi and"the Thousand".

Where we will be

The city of Marsala is located on the Cape Boeo of Sicily, now known to most for the landing of Garibaldi and the Thousand on 11 May 1860 and for the production of the homonymous Marsala wine, for which since 1987 is the City of Wine. It stands on the ruins of the ancient Punic cities, as well as the same Mothia, located within the Regional Natural Reservoir of the Stagnone Islands.

What we will see 

Art, ancient history, archeology and the flavors of the area are intertwined in this tour of the senses.

Who can join 

Guests of all ages, nature lovers and eno-gastronomy passioned

Memories and emotions 

A tour of the senses, where a thousand colors will paint the memories of our holiday, the colors of the sea so vivid on hot summer days and the flavors of this land will be difficult to forget. A relaxing and full of inspiration.